Want to cut and shape the packaging carton at one time? Secretly tell you a secret!

In the face of urgent orders, additional orders, and the need for supplementary orders under mass production, I believe that many friends hope to complete all orders as quickly as possible while ensuring the speed, whether it is a few, dozens, or hundreds. Every order can be completed quickly. Today, the packaging gift box cutting machine secretly tells you a secret to make the packaging gift box form at one time, and obtain a practical, efficient, pragmatic and innovative integrated printing, packaging and packaging solution.

AOL-6040/1070 packaging gift box cutting machine, also known as packaging cutting plotter, is a special type of digital graphic store, which is used for gift packaging boxes, paper boxes, color boxes, cardboard boxes, self-adhesive labels, and hang tags. , Invitation letter, envelope and other products production, with CCD camera positioning, automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic cutting, automatic receiving, full automation, no need to be guarded. And the packaging gift box proofing machine has functions such as indentation, gray board slotting, etc., one-click cutting, so that the packaging gift box can be formed at one time.

table plotter cutter

AOL-1625 packaging gift box cutting machine, also known as CNC cutting machine, is a gift box and carton prototype cutting machine used in the printing and packaging industry, specializing in box proofing and small batch production. This packaging gift box proofing machine is mainly used for printing and packaging factories, color box shops, digital proofing shops, etc., to cut various packaging gift boxes, color boxes, and corrugated boxes. By selecting the required box type in the box type library, Cutting through the packaging gift box proofing machine, you can form with one click, and quickly complete the special-shaped cutting of packaging materials such as corrugated paper, honeycomb board, gray board paper, foam, etc., without the need to make additional knife molds, and various sizes are available.

Why choose AOL packaging gift box cutting machine?

The AOL packaging gift box cutting machine adopts the cold cutting method, which uses a blade to cut, which is 3-5 times faster than traditional manual cutting, and there will be no problems such as burrs and deformation during cutting. The blade cutting is absolutely environmentally friendly and does not require secondary Processing, the whole machine has anti-static properties and high safety.
AOL packaging gift box cutting machine adopts integrated welding technology, the whole machine is heat treated at high temperature, and the platform is durable.
Using Japan’s Panasonic servo motor, pulse positioning, high cutting precision, high speed, self-developed cutting system, ordinary employees can start work within two hours.
AOL packaging gift box cutting machine has a choice of cutter heads such as round knife, vibrating knife, pneumatic knife, oblique cutting, punching, etc. It is suitable for cutting a variety of materials and increases the added value of enterprises.

cutting machine advantages

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