Three Anti-cloth Cutting Machine

Three Anti-cloth Cutting Machine

Advantages of three anti-cloth cutting machine

1. High cutting quality and performance
Optimized cutting path and tangent pieces cutting
Built-in blade sensors with automatic calibration

2. Reduced running costs
Energy saver
Restart after power cut
Long-life consumables

3.The three anti-cloth cutting machine can die cut higher volume fiberglass mesh cloth or any other similar material quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

4.AOL can design and manufacture custom machinery to meet any special requirement for customers production .

aol cutting machine
    AOL CNC cutting machine price, CNC cutting machine is divided into a variety of models price is not the same, here with the Austrian Radium 1625-ZS model as a reference,The price of this equipment is between $19,800 and $24,600, is currently the mainstream environmental cutting equipment on the market.
Is there a laser cloth cutting machine on the market?

Some AOL manufacturers also have some CNC laser cutting machines. The laser is slower to cut than the blade cutter, and it is very environmentally friendly. The material to be cut will be anxious and will produce odor. Therefore, it is recommended by the manufacturer. Vibrating blade cutting machine, please contact our online staff if you have other needs.

Therefore, recommended by the manufacturer. Vibrating blade cutting machine, if you have other requirements, please contact our online staff.

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