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    This is China. At this time is winter in the northern hemisphere. The temperature is the lowest of the year. At this time, there may be people wearing T-shirts. Even if we spend the same day, we are experiencing different temperatures. The CNC cutting machine also works at different temperatures. How to keep it working in different seasons? Next, I will give you a brief introduction to the possible situations of the machine in summer (high temperature) and winter (low temperature) and how to avoid these situations.

Summer (high temperature)

Summer is a hot season. The rainy season is accompanied by a high humidity environment, which will put a certain pressure on the normal operation of the machine. The CNC main board is the core part of the CNC cutting machine. The operation of the whole machine is controlled by the main board.
The best humidity for the CNC motherboard is 15%. Therefore, in countries near the equator, the humidity may be high in the summer season. It is recommended to use some dehumidification equipment or use some physical dehumidification equipment to keep the indoor humidity suitable. The working environment humidity will make the side of the CNC motherboard wet, which will affect the CNC motherboard. Operational performance.

Winter (low temperature)

Winter is the coldest time of the year. Although there will be no high humidity in summer, the dryness and cold in winter will generate static electricity. Interference with many parts of the machine will definitely affect the CNC motherboard.
When the AOL CNC cutting machine is facing the cold winter, we have also taken measures. Our whole machine is equipped with an anti-static system. We have set a grounding wire in a certain part, as long as this wire is placed in a suitable position, The classic problem will be solved.
At the same time, when using the CNC cutting machine, please keep a suitable indoor temperature. Please pay attention to the temperature of the working environment not to have too large temperature differences, which will affect the performance of the machine.
The above is to deal with the possible impacts of different temperature CNC cutting machines, but it should be judged according to the specific situation. However, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, the machine must be maintained and maintained to keep the machine itself neat and clean. To maintain the lubrication degree of flexible parts (guide rail, cutter head, screw), regular maintenance of the machine will maintain the high efficiency of the machine.

Oscillating knife cutting machine

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