The difference between ordinary white kraft paper and food grade white kraft paper

  Kraft paper has been widely used in food packaging, since the fluorescent content of kraft paper is usually higher than the standard, so food grade white kraft paper can be used in food packaging, so what is the difference?

1. Whiteness
A small amount of bleach is added to food-grade kraft paper, so the whiteness is lower and it looks a little yellowish. Ordinary kraft paper has a lot of bleach added, so it has a higher whiteness.
2. Ash control
Food-grade kraft paper has strict control standards and is assigned indicators according to food-grade requirements. Therefore, the ash content of food-grade white kraft paper is controlled at an unusually low level, while the ash content of ordinary white kraft paper is higher, thereby reducing costs.
3. Test report
According to the requirements of food-grade packaging materials in my country, food-grade kraft paper must pass the QS inspection, while ordinary kraft paper does not.
4. Price
The price of food grade kraft paper and ordinary kraft paper is close, which has important reference value. Food grade white kraft paper is more expensive than ordinary grade kraft paper.

kraft paper

  The above is the difference between ordinary white kraft paper and food grade white kraft paper. I hope that helps you understand. In particular, AOL’s flatbed digital cutting machine can be used to make food-grade packaging boxes. The flatbed digital cutting machine is used for box samples and small batch products. It has the functions of cutting, creasing, and slotting, and can be formed at one time.

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