The development potential of CNC cutting machines in the cardboard printing and packaging industry

CNC cutting machine is a branch of CNC equipment. It usually comes with several different types of tools and blades. It can meet the processing needs of a variety of materials, and is especially suitable for the processing of flexible materials. It is applicable to a wide range of industries, including printing and packaging, advertising spray painting, textiles and clothing, composite materials, software and furniture.

CNC cutting machine for cardboard packaging industry

The use of digital cutting machines in the printing and packaging industry should start with pre-press sample cutting. Through the cooperation of tools and indentation, the proofing of cartons and corrugated products is completed. Due to the working characteristics of packaging and proofing, digital cutting machines at this time integrated a variety of cutting processes to meet the cutting tasks of different materials, and many very classic tool combinations appeared. Digital cutting during this period focused on the diversity of tool types and the pursuit of cutting accuracy. It can be said that the digital cutting machine during this period has become an essential equipment for pre-press sample cutting.

Due to the increase in small batch orders, the productivity of digital cutting machines has become a bottleneck. Starting from small automatic digital cutting machines with automatic feeding functions, application software has also been improved, such as recognizing QR codes to automatically retrieve data, and automatically switching cutting data during the cutting process.

What are the development potentials of digital cutting machines in the cardboard printing and packaging industry?

The development potential of digital cutting machines in the printing and packaging industry cannot be underestimated. The importance is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Advantages of automated production: CNC cutting machines achieve highly automated production. Through the optimization of digital software, functions such as automatic switching of cutting data and automatic report generation are realized, which greatly improves production efficiency and intelligence level.
2. Combination of precision and diversity: Digital cutting machines have high-precision cutting capabilities and can handle high-demand cutting tasks such as complex patterns and fine text. At the same time, they also have the ability to adapt to the diversity of different materials and shapes, providing the industry with more flexible and personalized solutions.
3. Guarantee of stable quality: The high-precision and intelligent management of CNC cutting machines ensure the consistency and quality stability of products, enhance customers’ trust in products, and enhance the company’s brand image and market competitiveness.
4. Digital cutting machines usually come with intuitive and easy-to-understand operating interfaces and guides. Operators only need to make simple settings and adjustments according to the operating procedures to complete complex cutting tasks. Compared with traditional manual cutting or other mechanical cutting equipment, the operation process of digital cutting machines is simpler and clearer, reducing the learning cost and difficulty of operators.

What are the characteristics of digital cutting machine equipment in the packaging industry?

1. Safety anti-collision mechanism
The digital cutting machine is equipped with a safety light curtain sensor and a mechanical anti-collision mechanism to prevent the equipment from harming personnel when running at high speed.
2. Large visual positioning system
Since flexible materials may be deformed by factors such as temperature, humidity, ink, pressure, stretching, wrinkles, etc., the original file outline cannot be used to accurately cut the actual pattern. We use high-precision functional cameras to capture and extract the outline in real time, thereby Accurately identify and extract the contours of real-time workpiece images for accurate nesting.
3. Prevent over-cutting function
Prevent internal corners from being overcut and restore the graphic outline to the maximum extent.
4. Projection positioning system
During the actual cutting process, it is difficult for users to accurately align the material with the cutting pattern. The system can project the cutting pattern onto the processing table at a ratio of 1:1, making it convenient for users to feed and align materials. Users can also place irregular materials into the projection area for aligned cutting, which greatly improves the utilization of materials.
5.File management system
AOL CNC cutting equipment CAM software can manage processing files, including file name, processing time, quantity, material, batch, etc., and generate barcodes or QR codes, which can be quickly retrieved by scanning the code. Convenient for later processing. The management of historical processing documents greatly facilitates user operations.

Digital cutting machines have broad development prospects in the printing and packaging industry, and will bring a more efficient, environmentally friendly, and competitive production model to the industry, helping companies achieve sustainable development and market competitiveness.

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