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Cutting technology has been developed to the present, and it has been in a mature development stage. At this stage, there are many ways to cut cardboard. Each cardboard cutting method has advantages and disadvantages. How to achieve cost-effective and high-quality cutting is what we have been pursuing The cutting target.

Common tools

Utility knife

A utility knife can get a simple solution, and it is also the most traditional cardboard cutting solution. Put the cardboard on the cutting mat, fix the cardboard (hands), choose the appropriate length of the blade length, the strength of the hand controls the cutting strength of the blade to achieve penetration cutting, after determining the cutting strength, move slowly to cut the cardboard.
If it is a corrugated (corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard) cardboard material, the thicker material may need to be cut through more than once.
The cutting mat is laid under the material to protect the work surface from damage and the non-slip surface to facilitate the fixing of the material.
When cutting, be careful not to hurt your hands
cardboard cutting

Round knife blade

Choosing a rotary (round knife) cutting machine for cutting will produce neat and smooth cutting lines. The circular knife blade is more professional in the textile industry, but it is also a good choice for cutting cardboard. Fix the cardboard material, push it into the material along an angle, and slowly cut along the cutting path with the support of the hand evenly.
As with utility knives, if rotating knives are used, non-slip cutting mats must be used.
Rotary cutters can cut smooth curves, which cannot be achieved by art blades.
Compared with the utility knife, the cardboard cutting effect is better with the round knife.
The edge of the round knife is very sharp, and the pizza knife can protect the hand from injury.
Round knife blade


If there is no more suitable tool around, scissors are also a choice. Scissors are not professional tools because it is difficult to cut thick cardboard and the blades will become dull. Hold the cardboard with your hand to cut.
Gardening or pruning scissors, can also cut cardboard
Scissors cutting cardboard

Special tools

Cardboard cutter

The cardboard cutter is a knife specially used to cut cardboard. He not only has a through cutting blade, but also a serrated blade. He can cut many paper materials, such as corrugated cardboard, gray cardboard (cardboard), cardboard and many other materials. Only need to cut back and forth on the cutting path of the material to complete.
He can be purchased in craft goods shop or online
Compared with other methods, this method is relatively safer, but the disadvantage is that the cardboard cutting knife is really blunt, and cutting cardboard is not as smooth as expected.

Special cardboard scissors

Use special cardboard scissors as another simple solution. These scissors are curved in shape and have sharp blades that can cut cardboard easily. It can also be used as an ordinary daily necessities-scissors; just open the blade around the outer edge and close the handle to cut cardboard.
His practicability is very strong, but relatively speaking, the cutting width of the material is limited, and the width is too large for one-time cutting, which reduces the accuracy.
Special cardboard scissors

Electric rotary cutting machine

The development of technology cannot be limited to manual cutting, electric cutting is also developing rapidly.
Use an electric rotary cutter to quickly shred large amounts of cardboard. Press the start button, the machine starts, the blade rotates at high speed, slowly slide the cardboard into the guide rail at the front of the rotary cutting machine and move forward to cut the cardboard.
There is a cutting guard that covers most of the blade, so these things are usually very safe.
If you often need to cut cardboard, foam board, wrapping paper or cards, these knives are also a good choice.
Electric cutter

Circular saw cutting machine

The circular saw cutting machine can cut extremely hard cardboard. If you need to cut industrial-strength cardboard, a circular saw cutting machine can meet your needs.
Place the cardboard on the two sawhorses and secure with clamps. Set the circular saw to the lowest cutting speed. Lift the blade guard and place the guide line on the cutting edge. Put your hands on the handle, pull the trigger, and slowly guide the saw forward. Let the momentum of the blade take you to complete the cut.
If you use a circular saw, you must wear a dust mask and protective glasses, because the blade may fly pieces of cardboard into the air.

laser cutter

Use laser cutting machines to make precise cuts and engravings on cardboard, but if you are cutting a lot of cardboard for work, they can be a good investment. To use one, place the cardboard flat on the cutting table. Then, enter the size or design in the drawing software connected to the tool. Adjust the cardboard settings of the laser cutting machine and let it cut the material for you!
Laser cutting machine is a very worry-free choice, because it does not require much manual involvement.
Laser cutting machines usually have different settings for metal, wood, cork, plastic and other materials. If you want clear lines, make sure to change the settings to set the laser for the cardboard.

CNC blade machine

The CNC blade machine is the same as the laser cutting machine, which can accurately cut the cardboard. It is suitable for commercial orders. It can carry out a large number of cutting orders and guarantee the accuracy. The cutting system controlled by the CNC system will better guarantee the cutting. the quality of.
Create the cutting effect you want in the design software company, import it into the CNC system, set the parameters and instructions, start cutting, and know that the cutting is complete.
digital cutting machine
CNC blade machines and laser cutting machines are suitable for commercial use and large order production, but not suitable for family-style production. First, because the cost of laser cutting machines and CNC blade machines is too high, they are suitable for strong manufacturers to invest and put into mass production, which can obtain great economic returns; second, laser cutting machines and CNC blade machines are generally equipped with different areas The platform is used for cardboard cutting, so it occupies a large area and is suitable for a relatively wide factory environment.
The demand for cardboard cutting is not great and it is only occasionally cut. As an entertainment or creative manual activity, it is recommended to use a manual cutting machine, which is cheap, and can be cut according to your own ideas, and the fault tolerance rate is relatively large, which can be arbitrary Make creative cardboard cutting.
The above is the common method of cardboard cutting. There are common cutting tools and special cutting tools that represent a stage of productivity. From traditional blade cutting to the current CNC system-controlled CNC blade machine, it is technological progress. And proof of economic development.
AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a powerful CNC blade machine manufacturer in China. AOL promises to have a three-year warranty service policy for every CNC blade machine. AOL implements one-to-one after-sales service to solve problems more quickly. AOL The whole machine parts use industry-leading brands (Schneider, Igus, etc.), and the firm and stable CNC blade cutting materials are also more accurate and consistent in quality, ensuring the reliability of order production.
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So what are the precautions for the aol cnc cardboard cutter?

  1. When the cardboard cutterplotteris powered up or in operation, please do not contact any electronic components in the electrical cabinet and operating table, so it is easy to send the electric shock site.
  2. Please do not operate the switch button of any AOL cardboard flatbed cutter by wet hand to prevent electric shock.
  3. Please do not live to carry out inspection line or replace electronic components, responsible for electric shock or injury.
  4. When moving the machine, pay attention to lifting the foundation, let the safety wheel fall to the ground and push it!

Above is about AOL cardboard cutting machine maintenance and operation procedures, if you know more, welcome to leave a message on the website or send to the email [email protected].

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