What is the advantage of intelligent blade cutting machine than laser cutting machine?

1. Functional aspects: such as the layout function of the clothing industry, the advantages of cutting white cloth without black edges, cutting without smoking, laser cutting is not.
2. Cutting speed: The cutting speed of the blade cutter is fast, and the cutting speed is 4-5 times that of the laser cutting machine.
3. When cutting the carton, sometimes the beveling knife and the pressure roller are used. This is a function that the laser machine does not have.
4. Intelligent blade cutting machine can punch leather bags, etc., laser cutting machine can not do.
5. Car interior, all kinds of film, blade cutting does not smoke, more environmentally friendly, laser cutting needs to wear gas mask, European and American customers still pay more attention to environmental protection.
6. Because the composite material has high toughness, the laser cutting will be deformed, so cutting with a blade is still the most suitable.

7. In the advertising industry, KT board can be cut with a bevel cutter, self-adhesive, texture, etc. can be cut with a half cutter.

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advantage of intelligent blade cutting machine

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