The 5th generation 1070 series digital cutting plotter

The 5-th 1070-PAS series digital cutting plotter has been developed. More functions, higher installation and higher production efficiency.

Different from the previous four generations, the control panel of the fifth generation cutting machine is no longer built in the front of the fuselage, but designed an independent console.

The receiving panel at the front side of the fuselage is also shorter, reducing the fuselage length. However, we don’t need to worry about the convenience of material receiving, because we have set up an independent material receiving table, which is separate from the fuselage and is more flexible.

The security device of the fifth generation graphic machine has also been upgraded. Similar to our large 1625 machine, it uses infrared detector embedded in the panel, which has higher security.

More tools are installed in the cutter head. It can be equipped with vibration knife, pressure wheel, small lettering knife and half cutter.

digital cutting plotter aol

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