Straight Knife Cutting Machine Factory

With more than 10 years of experience, ours is a leading company on the market of fabric cutting in several sectors, ranging from apparel, padded furniture, automotive to technical fabrics as well as any other field requiring innovative cutting.

Cutting is the first physical step taken on the fabric. As different parts of a garment have different shapes the cutting arrangements changes with it. A knife is the best choice for efficient fabric cutting. The most commonly used fabric cutting machine is straight knife cutting machine. Straight knife fabric cutting machine is the world’s most popular and most versatile which is widely used in apparel industry.

Advantages of straight knife cutting machine:
1. High production fabric cutting machine.
2. Possible to cut large depth/height of fabric.
3. Possible to cut fabric directly.
4. Fabric can be cut from any angle.

JINAN AOL is one of the professional straight knife cutting machine factory in China, welcome to buy our straight knife cutting machine from Jinan and check the price with us.

aol cutting machine

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