Smart Blade Cutting Machine Maintenance Instruction Manual

Many friends don’t know how to carry out effective maintenance after purchasing the Smart Blade Cutting Machine. Let me introduce you to the following:

Need daily maintenance work

1.Wipe the cleaning head with a clean cotton cloth.

2.Use air guns and rags to clean the surface of the machine.

3.Check the drag chain for any debris and abnormal noise.

4.Check the operation in the X and Y directions, and if there is any abnormal noise before the machine cuts.

5.Wipe the X and Y axis guides with a cleaning cloth and apply new grease.

6.Start before starting work, check whether the machine head and the cutter head are working properly.

7.Check the oil and water inside the air compressor by adjusting the water discharge screw of the air compressor tank.

8.Check the total pressure value, the standard pressure is 0.6Mpa, if the pneumatic knife pressure is 0.8Mpa.

9.Check the water in the air valve to confirm that there is no water in the air valve.

10.Check the head mounting screws to make sure the screws are not loose or falling off.

11.Clean the surface of the felt, use an air gun to clean, confirm that the surface is free of debris, no bumps.

Weekly maintenance work is required

1.Check the X and Y origin sensors to confirm that the X and Y sensors are not loose or dusty.

2.Confirm the use of each bearing of the machine and confirm that there is no looseness in each bearing.

3.Check each power cord connection and confirm that each power cord is securely connected.

4.Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust inside the electrical box.

Need monthly maintenance work

1.Check the timing belt for tightness and wear.

2.Check the use of each easily damaged part.

3.Check the leakage switch, manually press the leakage switch, whether it is normal protection.

Remarks: Inspect the felt wear from time to time, repair the felt wear, avoid the joint degumming and cause the cutting to be abnormal.

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