Mattress fabric

These days, it seems every mattress maker and retailer wants a mattress to “pop” on the showroom floor and from the pages of a website. Whether it’s with eye-catching color and contrasting borders or a plush, soft elegance, mattress fabrics are making a statement.
We are pleased to release our new Mattress fabric panel cut machine which is an improved version of the original. It takes up to 2.5 mts wide fabric and now it has a specially designed bi-direction cutter for faster operation, improved cloth handling and a braked mandrel for cutting difficult fabrics. The simple logic and speed of operation are the same as before so it is a very easy machine to use and train new operators on.
Cutting mattress materials is a critical aspect of production, as consistency in dimensions of material means perfect alignment at the corners when applying the border to the mattress top.

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