Luggage Intelligent Cutting Machine

For the traditional luggage industry, how to get rid of the poor cutting precision and low efficiency has become a big problem. If you want to walk in the forefront of the industry, you must solve the shortcomings of the traditional luggage industry. AOL CNC introduces a high-precision and high-efficiency bag automatic leather cutting machine for large-size leather materials. AOL-1625 garment bag automatic feeding cutting machine.
Luggage intelligent cutting machine
AOL-1625 clothing bag automatic feeding cutting machine features:
1, cardboard input through the SLR camera or digital scanner, 1:1 electronic version of the output, to ensure the accuracy of the cardboard;
2. It is equipped with an automatic lofting system for garment bags, which can automatically add, subtract, splicing, cutting, etc. according to different customer needs;
3, the model management can achieve automatic typesetting, maximize the utilization of the cloth, the discharge speed can reach about 10 times the labor, the length and utilization of the cloth are clearly visible;
4. The data is transmitted to the cutting machine through intelligent software, and the device realizes the automatic discharging function, without manual flattening, automatically cutting the seam, saving manpower and greatly improving work efficiency;
5, integrated platform, the use of honeycomb structure principle, sturdy, anti-corrosion, durable, sound absorption, heat insulation.

AOL bag cutting machine is suitable for leather bags and cloth bags.

leather cutting machine
Leather Cutting Machine

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