ST-FC1325LC laser cutter is a combined fiber laser and CO2 laser cutting system for metal and nonmetal fabrication, fiber laser cutting software and CO2 laser cutting software can be installed in one CNC system, which is easy to operate.

ST-FC1325LC mixed laser cutting machine combines with 1000W fiber laser cutting system and 150W CO2 laser cutting system, which can cut metal and non-metal materials by the one machine. The maximum cutting thickness is up to 10mm on carbon steel, 6mm on stainless steel, 3mm on aluminium plate, etc. 

Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process used for sheet metal processing. The laser beam generated by the laser (resonator) is guided to the cutting head of the machine tool through a conductive fiber or mirror, and then focused through a lens to a small diameter area to concentrate the energy highly. The focused laser beam melts after contacting the plate.

fiber laser cutter 

Fiber laser is the most effective laser cutting method. The laser beam is generated in the active fiber, and then guided to the cutting head of the machine tool through the conductive fiber. Fiber lasers are much smaller than CO2 lasers and produce several times more power under the same power supply conditions. fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting metals from thin to thick, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals (copper and brass).

CO2 laser cutter

The CO2 laser uses a mixed gas to generate the laser beam. The high voltage required in the laser is generated by the wear-free semiconductor excitation module. STYLECNC uses this module because it is smaller, more efficient, and more reliable than traditional solutions. CO2 laser technology is widely used in the cutting of different materials with different thicknesses. 

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