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  KT board is a very common material. For manufacturers of KT board, how to quickly cut a large number of special-shaped KT boards? It is the most troublesome question for people. After seeing our page, many manufacturers have come to inquire whether they can use our KT board vibrating knife cutting machine to cut their materials. Our answer is yes!

  KT board is a new type of material formed by foaming polystyrene particles to form a board core and laminating on the surface. The board body is stiff, light, not easy to deteriorate, and easy to process. Aircraft model, architectural decoration, culture and art and packaging, etc. In the aspect of advertising, the first one is the mounting lining board used for exhibition, display and announcement of product publicity information release, especially suitable for large-scale unified publicity activities.

KT board

  Now there are three ways to cut KT board, they are manual cutting, laser cutting and vibrating knife cutting.
  Ordinary manual cutting is first of all inefficient, and slightly simple graphics can meet the needs. For some complex pattern cutting, manual cutting will be more difficult, and most manual cutting is cut with a cutting knife, and the KT board cut by the cutting knife is very difficult. It is prone to burrs, and the cutting effect is unsatisfactory.
  The laser cutting machine adopts thermal cutting process, which uses heat energy to fuse the KT board at high temperature. This kind of cutting has relatively high requirements on temperature and cutting. After cutting, it will emit smoke and odor, pollute the environment, and the cutting edge will produce Traces of anxiety.
  In today’s increasing awareness of environmental protection, laser cutting is being phased out, and blade cutting machines are ushered in. Vibrating knife cutting adopts blade cutting, with vibrating knives, round knives, pneumatic knives, multi-layer knives and other knives, for different materials, the cutting edges are neat, no peculiar smell, and the cutting speed is fast, which is to meet the current social development of cutting equipment.

Cutting Machine

Features of KT board Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine:

1. Ultra-high frequency vibrating knife technology realizes fast and stable cutting.
2. Die-cutting, punching and forming of various materials can be completed without a die or die cutting machine, which can save a lot of manpower, die and equipment costs.
3. Automatic discharge system, high material utilization rate, which can save 30% of materials.
4. Special-shaped cutting is more convenient, Aolai KT board automatic cutting machine is more intelligent and advantageous for special-shaped cutting.
5. Japan’s Panasonic servo system provides power, stable and continuous power supply.
6. Using Taiwan linear guide drive system, the accuracy is ±0.1mm


  In addition to cutting KT board, KT board vibrating knife cutting machine can also cut leather, carbon fiber prepreg, carbon cloth, aramid fiber, clothing fabric, KT board, honeycomb board, acrylic board, plastic board, PVC soft glass, sponge, Fireproof cotton and other flexible materials.

How does the KT board cutting machine cut the special-shaped pattern?

  The KT board cutting machine adopts an intelligent operating system. You only need to input the cutting pattern into the computer system, and the intelligent cutting system will automatically typeset and intelligently cut out the pattern that the customer wants. Because the machine has the typesetting function, it can save 30%. Left and right raw materials, the size error is 0.1mm, no matter how difficult the pattern, our machine can achieve cutting!

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