Knife Cutting Machine For Aramid Fabrics

The application of composite materials is more and more extensive, and aramid fabrics have been applied in many fields. AOL worked closely with industry engineers,to jointly develop and upgrade the Knife Cutting Machine For Aramid Fabrics, to provide functional and technical support for the use of aramid fabric composite materials.
AOL offers the widest range of composite cutting solutions, including manual and automatic cutting systems for materials such as glass fiber, aramid and carbon fiber in dry and prepreg forms. These materials are commonly used in aerospace and defense, wind energy, automobiles, sporting goods, civil engineering, pipelines and fuel tanks, electronics and electrical, marine and other advanced material applications.
Knife Cutting Machine For Aramid Fabrics technologies provide a very wide range of applications, so they can be used to cut a large number of materials. The material can be in the form of plates or rolls.
A manufacturer of manual and automatic (CNC) cutting systems for cutting composite materials; the product also includes material handling equipment, software packages and a series of accessories to simplify the entire process from part design to finished product cutting.

Aramid fabric knife cutting machine

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