Intelligent nesting and cutting of leather sofas to achieve small batch production

As the younger generation’s rigid demand for living space continues to grow, the demand for furniture with small space, high cost performance, and integrated design continues to increase. This trend, coupled with increasingly stringent environmental standards set by the government, is driving the development of leather furniture. “Furniture manufacturers are transforming to digital and green manufacturing to achieve dual optimization of cost-effectiveness.

Leather Nesting and Cutting: Manual vs. Automatic

Traditionally, making a standard leather sofa requires nesting and cutting different sizes and qualities of leather for each part of the sofa. Along the way, craftsmen faced challenges such as material displacement and waste caused by manual nesting and cutting. This method is not only inefficient but also has low material utilization. Additionally, these skills are difficult to transfer, leading to challenges in finding experienced craftsmen.

In contrast, digital equipment is used for nesting, centralized data processing, and cloud computing analysis are used to quickly provide a variety of nesting solutions, significantly reducing material waste and achieving efficient cutting. This integrated nesting and cutting solution saves a lot of time and labor costs and increases leather utilization to 85% or higher.

Moreover, nesting equipment and cutting equipment are seamlessly connected to achieve nesting + cutting in one step, saving a lot of time and labor costs.

Digital leather marking + cutting solution

For the nesting and cutting of leather furniture, AOL provides a series of intelligent equipment to optimize the nesting and cutting process, significantly improving production efficiency and material utilization.

AOL-1625 leather cutting equipment enables efficient digital nesting of leather materials to maximize leather savings!

AOL-2535 double gantry cutting equipment realizes intelligent cutting of large leather surfaces, double-head asynchronous operation, automatic feeding + projection, significantly reducing labor costs.

Incorporating these two machines into your production workshop is undoubtedly a smart choice! Replace “several steps” with “one step” to achieve a one-stop nesting + cutting solution.

Leather cutting machine

Digitalization improves seat comfort

“For people who pursue quality life, quality is integrated into every detail.” The pursuit of quality is not only the leather manufacturer’s commitment to consumers, but also AOL’s guarantee to manufacturers.

Data intelligence enhances interoperability, reduces environmental impact, and precisely positions each custom piece of leather for improved seating comfort. While following Industry 4.0 standards, AOL transitions from small batch production to large batch orders, and improves cutting quality through intelligent one-stop layout + cutting.

We adhere to the use of intelligent equipment [layout + cutting] to ensure high consistency and precision, ensuring that each component is manufactured according to design specifications to maintain product uniformity and comfort. Ultimately, this upgrade in seat comfort solves the problem of low-volume custom production!

AOL intelligent blade cutting machine has high precision and high efficiency. Our professional after-sales service can provide automatic cutting solutions for various industries.
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