How to cut coroplast sheets with CNC cutting equipment?

Coroplast are also known as corrugated plastic board, coroplast board, waterproof board, corrugated Stratocore boards, they are 2 plastic boards that are flat on the outside separated by small plastic beams running perpendicular to them. How do you use AOL’s digital cutting table to cut corrugated plastic? Let’s talk about it.

Coroplast boards are used in construction, signage, advertising, graphic display, screen printing, packaging and transportation, handicrafts, so you need to use our digital cutting table for cutting to make a variety of products, including corrugated plastic boxes, turnover boxes, fruit boxes , baseboards, advertising display boards, light boxes, wall panels, etc. AOL’s digital cutting table comes with high-frequency vibrating cutters, V-cut grooving cutters, various sizes of grinding wheels, plotting, and more. For example, the vibration frequency of the vibrating knife tool is as high as 18,000 rpm, and it can easily handle various harder and thicker materials such as PP board, KT board, PVC board, corrugated board, honeycomb board, ABC, etc. Plates, etc., get fast and smooth cutting results.

PP hollow board coroplast

Application of CNC cutting technology in coroplast sheet processing:

CNC cutting technology is a processing method that uses computer-controlled tools to perform precise cutting. In the processing of coroplast sheets, cutting of various complex shapes can be achieved, which improves production efficiency and reduces human errors.

1. High precision: Using advanced CNC technology and high-precision cutting system, it can achieve millimeter-level precise cutting, ensuring the consistency of product size and shape.
2. Multifunctional: Corrugated plastic plate CNC cutting machines are usually equipped with a variety of cutting tools and cutting modes, which can meet the processing needs of corrugated plastic plates of different shapes and thicknesses.
3. Easy to operate: The equipment operation interface usually adopts a human-machine interface friendly design, which is easy to operate. Workers can operate it with simple training.
4. Stable and reliable: The corrugated plastic plate CNC cutting machine adopts high-quality mechanical structure and stable control system, and its operation is stable and reliable, reducing the failure rate and maintenance costs.
5. Intelligent: Some corrugated plastic plate CNC cutting machines are equipped with intelligent control systems, which can automatically recognize graphics and optimize cutting paths, further improving production efficiency.

coroplast sheets cutting machine

Features of coroplast board cutting machine:

1. High-speed motion system
AOL has a self-designed high-end multi-axis motion control system to ensure accurate head movement and smoother curved movement.
2. Upgrade the independent control platform,
The interface is user-friendly, various cutting parameter settings are faster and more convenient, the storage space is larger, and PC installation space is provided (PC not included)
3. Use aviation honeycomb aluminum plate
The aviation honeycomb aluminum plate can make the machine stronger and more stable, and the porous PVC workbench has better indentation effect.
4. Powerful vacuum suction module
The powerful vacuum suction module holds the material firmly on the workbench and allows easy processing of individual products via the motion control system.
5. Ethernet transmission port
The data transmission is flexible and stable, and can be upgraded and maintained remotely, enabling machine control and file access within the LAN.
6.Safety protection
The sensitive infrared grating design in the safety anti-collision device ensures the safety of operators and the normal operation of the machine.
7. Precise positioning module
The corrugated plastic board cutting machine positioning system uses CCD cameras and infrared positioning to enable the printed matter to be cut quickly and accurately.

The application of CNC cutting technology and equipment for coroplast sheets not only improves production efficiency and product quality, but also brings more possibilities to the processing of corrugated plastic sheets and promotes the development and innovation of the industry.

AOL intelligent blade cutting machine has high precision and high efficiency. Our professional after-sales service can provide automatic cutting solutions for various industries.
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