How to use fiberglass knife CNC cutting equipment to cut without loose wires?

Advantages of Fiberglass Cutting Machine

Manual cutting of fiberglass cloth will produce hair residue, which will cause certain harm to the human body, so manual cutting is becoming less and less recommended. Today we will introduce a professional fiberglass cloth cutting machine.
Fiberglass cutting machine also refers to fiberglass cloth cutting machine, which can replace manual cutting of high-precision, high-hardness, and high-difficulty materials, and easily handle fiberglass cloth and loose materials.
It is recommended to use the circular cutter of this material cutting machine because it can rotate at high speed. Ensure that the edge of the material remains intact and will not loosen, burn or emit odor. In addition, the machine also supports single-layer cutting as well as multi-layer and special-shaped cutting for precise shaping.

Fiberglass CNC Cutting Machine

Features of Fiberglass Fabric Cutting Machine

1. The cnc fiberglass fabric cutting machine uses a blade for cutting. The blade is very thin and hard, made of tungsten steel, which can provide you with high cutting accuracy.
2. A small amount of glass fiber will still be produced during cutting. Our fiberglass cloth cutting machine has an automatic adsorption system to allow the glass fiber to be directly adsorbed and will not fly around, preventing human body from accidentally inhaling and causing harm.
3. Our carbon fiber cutting machine uses a special control system. You only need to import the vector file into the software, and the machine will cut the glass fiber according to your design.
4. The digital fiberglass wheel blade cutting machine has good performance in cutting fiberglass fabric, carbon fiber cloth, and woven fiberglass. The machine is equipped with a multi-functional tool base, and you can choose the appropriate cutting tool according to the material.

Fiberglass cutting machines come in a variety of sizes, with regular sizes of 2.5*1.6m and 2.5*1.3m. We also support customization of various formats and can customize suitable models according to your requirements! Each fiberglass cutting machine undergoes strict screening, from precision machining, assembly to molding, to comprehensive performance and cutting effect testing and verification, and then is shipped to the customer’s designated location to ensure quality.

In addition to cutting glass fiber, this material cutting machine can also cut carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber prepreg, rubber, asbestos pad, silicone, etc. As long as it is a non-metallic flexible material, this material cutting machine can help you complete it.

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