Fabric Cutter Machine

The AOL Fabric Cutter Machine is specifically designed for quilt shop owners and professional and avid quilters. The AOL machine has the largest cutting width on the market, being able to cut up to 16 inches wide.

The machine can also cut up to 10 layers of fabric at once. When you are using multiple dies, that means you can make hundreds of pieces quickly. To save space, the machine has a foldable base, making it easier for storage.
Digital Fabric Cutter Machine and manual die cutting machines allow you to cut fabric at a faster pace and will open up new possibilities for your DIY projects. We have reviewed some of the best fabric cutting machines money can buy to help you find the right one.
Of course technology and innovation typically comes with a high price tag. So it is important that you find the best fabric machine for the money that you know will last you for many years to come.

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