Fabric cnc cutter

AOL-1625 Fabric CNC cutter is a 2D CNC cutter and plotter. In the composite shop, the cnc Fabric cutter is used mostly to cut printed fabric or small batch sample production, but it can be used to cut many thin flexible materials. 
A digital fabric cutter is suitable for cutting flexible materials. It is not a good tool for cutting rigid materials. A laser cutter or waterjet cutter is a better choice for rigid sheet materials.
Whether you’re cutting cotton, vinyl,  prepreg, canvas, leather, insulation, sailcloth or pretty much any other fabric imaginable, the AOL family of cutting tables, digitizing tools, and software options offer comprehensive cutting solutions with unmatched integration, precision, and reliability. 
AOL engineers decades of knowledge and experience into its best-in-class cutters. AOLcutters execute cut plans with precision and reliability, allowing you to accelerate delivery of your products to the market.
Fabric cnc cutter

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