Corrugated cardboard cutter machine

Features of AOL Corrugated cardboard cutter machine

First Part:
1. Machine body: The AOL corrugated cardboard cutter machine welded by 6-8mm thickness steel square tube, stabilized under high temperature, ensures minimum distortion, excellent rigidity and powerful strength.
2. Gantry: welded steel sqaure tube of thick wall.
3. Side arm: steel board and thickness up to 20-25mm.
4. Table: 3mm thick wall aluminium T-slot working table with strong bending strength and loading capacity covered with PVC protecting the cutters from damage.
Second Part:
1. Guide Rail: X Y Z axes of cardboard cutter adopt Taiwan PMI square rail. Square guide rail– its load capacity and the ability to maintain the accuracy is more 30 times than round rails, ensuring high-quality and high-speed.
2. Ball screw: Z axis adopts TBI 1610 ball screw. High precision.
3. Rack and pinion: X Y axes using helical rack and pinion, cross-sectional area is 25*25mm and material is steel.High speed and good stability.
Third Part:
1. Spindle: 3KW water cooled per spindle, low noise, vigirous cutting strength, can be used for engraving and cutting on plane board’s surface.
2. Motor: Brand name in China, high-speed stepper water-cooling, variable frequency motor, big torque, strong cutting, high frequency.
3. Inveter: Fuling inverter made in China. High quality and low back repair rate. Warranty 2 years.
Fourth Part:
1. Control system: AOLCUT self-developed software one-click import, general worker takes 2 hours to be skilled.
2. Software: excellent compatibility: CAD/CAM designing software eg. Artcut/Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Ucancam etc.

Corrugated cardboard cutter machine

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