Corrugated box die cut machine

The corrugated box die cut machine

AOL-2125 Flat Bed corrugated box die cut machine

Machine feature of Corrugated Box Creasing Carton Die Cutting Machine:

Four insurances make the machine more safe and reliable: Dragon insurance; triangular insurance; handle insurance; photoelectric switch insurance
Four functions: single pressing & cutting; continuous creasing & cutting; delay; counting

Machine introduction AOL-2125 corrugated box die cut machine:

1. Sliding bearing adopts the high quality casting copper alloy, wear-resisting, and damped.
2. The machine is made of high-quality materials and whole casting, high strength, good rigidity.
3. With single creasing & cutting, continuous creasing & cutting, and open delay three functions, the delay range can adjust at will.
4. The safety protection system is reliable.
5. High fly-wheel torque.
6. Single type electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.
7. Operating height is designed reasonably, the pressure frame can open a big angle.
8. Adopting electric sucked type brake clutch, sensitive brake, high insurance coefficient, high safety performance, etc.
Adopting an adjustable frame on the template, convenient to disassemble and install the plate.

Corrugated box die cut machine

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