CNC Fabric Cutting Machines

Whether you’re cutting vinyl, carbon fiber (dry or prepreg), canvas, leather, insulation, sail cloth or pretty much any other fabric imaginable, the AOL family of cutting tables, digitizing tools, and software options offer comprehensive cutting solutions with unmatched integration, precision, and reliability. Let us show you how to make automating your production process seamless.

Fabric cutting is an integral part of getting your project created. Whether you are creating designer clothes, quilts, curtains, or embroidery projects, you’ll need to cut the fabric from the original bolt or another medium. Gone are the days when people used to rely on only scissors for this purpose and now the garment industry is moving towards fabric cutting machines of all shapes and sizes. They can create the perfect cuts to flatter every body shape and know that they will have the same size consistently. This is especially important with ultra-expensive fabrics and hard-to-cut designs.

AOL digital cutting machines are also able to cut other materials, including metal, glass, paper, and plastic. There are multiple types of cutting machines used in garment industry and they can be put into a few main categories, such as manual cutting machines, semi-automatic cutting machines, and computer controlled knife cutting machine. The methods differ by how they cut and what process the operator takes to make the cut.

Fabric clothe Cutting

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