CCD Fabric Cutting Equipment

CCD fabric cutting equipment with auto feeding system
CCD fabric cutting equipment is new design for meeting the large quantity fabric processing and cutting,machine x axis have 2 rails and equipped with advanced CCD Vision system.Camera auto positioning and Laser cutting applied on printed fabric, such as digital printed apparel, sublimated sports garment, cycling clothes, racing suits, swimming suit, printed toys, carpet, home furnishing, banners, flags and so on.high improve the fabric cutting efficiency.

Textile Fabric Cutting Equipment

Key Specifications/Special Features

* Machine features:
1.Imported optical parts, high-accuracy in marking
2.Easy to learn and use
3.Low fault rate and professional tech team
4.Double funnel shaped row waste design, easier to discharge smoke and keep smoke from going out, also guaranteed the clean and comfortable working environment.
5. High precision ball screw drive system with leading servo motor that ensures the accuracy of cutting.

Package & delivery

1. Full film packaging machine (to prevent moisture)
2. Anti-collision edging
3. Wooden box packaging (standard specifications)
4. A warning sign is posted on the packaging box

carbon fiber cutting machine
AOL CNC cutting machine price, CNC cutting machine is divided into a variety of models price is not the same, here with the Austrian Radium 1625-ZS model as a reference,The price of this equipment is between $19,800 and $24,600, is currently the mainstream environmental cutting equipment on the market.
Is there a laser cloth cutting machine on the market?

Some AOL manufacturers also have some CNC laser cutting machines. The laser is slower to cut than the blade cutter, and it is very environmentally friendly. The material to be cut will be anxious and will produce odor. Therefore, it is recommended by the manufacturer. Vibrating blade cutting machine, please contact our online staff if you have other needs.

Therefore, recommended by the manufacturer. Vibrating blade cutting machine, if you have other requirements, please contact our online staff.

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