Cardboard theater made from CNC cutting equipment

Corrugated cardboard is a material used for packaging, it is a combination of cardboard, usually two layers of flat lining paper and an inner corrugated core, and is often used to make corrugated boxes. Corrugated cardboard is designed for maximum strength and typically comes in single, double and triple wall forms. As you can imagine, the more walls a cardboard has, the more strength the cardboard can provide, and triple-layer corrugated cardboard is the strongest of the three types and is typically used for shipping or posting large or heavy goods.

corrugated cardboard

Corrugated board is made by large machines with a speed of 500 linear meters per minute. High-pressure steam is used to soften the fibers during the production of corrugated board. There are different types of corrugated cardboard depending on the requirements of the end product. Suppliers offer single wall, double wall, specific flute sizes, burst strength, edge crush strength, etc. Special surface treatments, coatings, etc. are also available.

AOL provides corrugated board cutting machines, makes samples and carries out small production of corrugated board products. Our cutting plotters can make cartons, cardboard display stands, cardboard furniture and other products. The cutting and creasing processes occur simultaneously, allowing samples to be produced within minutes.

Cardboard CNC cutting machine

Benefits of AOL corrugated cardboard cutting plotters:

No Cutting Dies: Use universal cutting tools, electric oscillating tools, drag knives, kiss cut tools or creasing wheels to process a variety of materials without the use of dies. To make your operation even more flexible, there are also options for piercing and V-cutting tools.
Combined with multi-tool cutting/creasing/drawing capabilities: for all your creative machining needs. Cut labels of any shape or cut and crease packaging cardboard.
High-precision visual registration system (CCD): Equipped with a high-definition CCD camera, it can automatically and accurately perform contour cutting on various printing materials without manual positioning.
Software: Features design manager and cutting software designed for file preparation in various formats such as PDF, PLT, DXF and more. The software is compatible with a variety of programs for efficient workflow.
QR Code: If you have multiple jobs or projects that require different settings, you can use a different QR code for each job or project. This allows for quick and easy job switching without having to manually reconfigure the cutter each time.
Roll Holder: The roll stand feature significantly improves the overall operational efficiency of the cutting process. This allows the cutter to run continuously, eliminating frequent pauses when reloading, thereby increasing productivity.

AOL intelligent blade cutting machine has high precision and high efficiency. Our professional after-sales service can provide automatic cutting solutions for various industries.
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