Car Wire Ring Cutting Machine

Specifications of car wire ring cutting machine

1. Computer Controlled Cutting machines to replace the labour
2. With a reliable, efficient and automated CAM nesting system
3. Large format, high speed.

Car Wire Ring Cutting Machine

    AOL car wire ring cutting machine is used in automobile interior design, typesetting, cutting, digitizing and automatic cutting. It is fast, accurate, saving material, replacing manual operation completely, saving management / manpower / material cost.

    Automobile interior trim (seat cover, PVC mat, cushion, surrounded by large mats, steering wheel cover, carpet) design a version of cutting system for sofa, seat, car seat cover, car mats, car sets, car carpet, bags, handbags series of products tailored to the development, suitable for furniture, chair, car interior, bags, handbags and other manufacturing enterprises to develop the design, procurement and production department.

aol cutting machine

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