Car Leather Seat Cover Cutting Machine

AOL offers cutting integrated solutions for automotive interior/foot pads/bags

Car Leather Seat Cover Cutting Machine

    AOL cutting is a double-knife automatic feeding intelligent cutting machine developed by our company to respond to market demand and specializes in special industries such as car cushions, car interiors and car mats. The outstanding features of this machine are low cost, high efficiency, high return, high degree of automation, automatic paving, automatic continuous processing, suitable for large-scale processing and production, greatly saving space and labor.

    The AOL car leather seat cover cutting machine has the features of automatic feeding, high-speed cutting, seamless splicing etc. What’s more, this oscillating knife cutter for car interiors is able to work for 24 hours. Low production costs and high utilization of materials realize the high utilization of fabric, cloth and other cutting materials.

aol cutting machine

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