Can CNC vibrating tangential knife cutting machine be used to cut cardboard packaging?

CNC Vibrating Tangential Knife Cutting Machine is a high precision CNC carton making machine (CNC carton making machine) equipped with various knives and blades for use in cartons (bread boxes, cereal boxes, pharmaceutical and toiletry packaging boxes, gift boxes and shirt boxes), corrugated boxes (anti-static corrugated boxes, mailing boxes, moving boxes, pizza boxes), wax dipped boxes and cardboard stock for the packaging industry. With the correct configuration, the CNC cardboard cutting system can meet different functions such as cutting, drawing, plotting, milling, punching, etc. CNC vibrating tangential knife cutting system can be used for various flexible or soft materials with excellent cutting performance. CNC cardboard cutting table has the advantages of high speed, high intelligence, high cutting precision and easy operation. CNC carton cutting machines can be well connected with other software through data conversion software. CNC carton cutting machines will help the packaging industry upgrade from traditional manual proofing to advanced high-speed and precision production models.

CNC Vibrating Tangential Knife Cutting Machine

Paperboard includes corrugated fiberboard, cardboard and felt board.
Paperboard includes solid bleached sulfate (SBS), solid unbleached sulfate (SUS) and coated recycled board (CRB).
Cartons (cardboard boxes) are the most widely used packaging products. Depending on the material, there are corrugated boxes, single-layer cardboard boxes, etc., with various specifications and models. The most commonly used cartons are three-layer and five-layer. Level seven is used less frequently. Each layer is divided into lining paper, corrugated paper, core paper, and surface paper. The inner paper and top paper are tea board paper and kraft paper, and the core paper is corrugated paper. Various types of paper have different colors and feels, and papers produced by different manufacturers also have different colors and feels.

AOL has created a revolutionary CNC carton cutting solution for the printing and packaging industry. Marking, drawing, text annotation, indentation, half-knife cutting, full-knife cutting, all available. Used for corrugated cardboard cutting, carton proofing, color box proofing, plastic box proofing, POP paper display rack, paper shelf proofing, and small batch production. Instead of traditional manual development, design and proofing of cartons, color boxes and paper display stands. The CNC carton cutting machine will shorten the corresponding research and development time to meet the production goals of small batches, multiple orders, and multiple styles.

Features of fully automatic CNC vibrating tangential knife cardboard cutting machine

Vibrating tool cutting function
Automatic carton cutting machine can cut different materials (such as gasket, leather, fabric, carpet, corrugated paper, cardboard, offset paper, gray board, rubber, honeycomb panel, PP, PE and PVC)
Punching function
The automatic corrugated cardboard cutting machine can punch holes in cartons, leather, carpets, PVC, mats and other materials.
Drawing function
Automatic carton making machine can draw a variety of high-precision materials including foam, PVC, corrugated board, styrene, Coroplast, magnetic film, celtec, adhesive vinyl, rubber, fabric, paper, leather, cardboard, vinyl, polystyrene vinyl, magnetic films and high intensity reflective films.
dash function
The automatic cardboard cutting table is used to cut corrugated paper and gray cardboard into half, fold them, and cut dotted lines.
Folding function
The automatic box cutting machine can fold corrugated paper, cardboard, and offset paper into perfect folding lines.
There is a location for a camera or projector.

Advantages of fully automatic CNC vibrating tangential knife cardboard cutter

High speed
The maximum cutting speed is 1200mm/s, which is three to five times that of traditional manual cutting.
Save materials
The machine is computer controlled, accurate and material saving.
The CNC cardboard cutting machine supports any CAD/CAM software that can output DXF or PLT format files using Coreldraw, AutoCad, AI, etc.
user friendly
All sharp turns can be controlled on the CNC automatic cardboard cutting machine.

Application of CNC fully automatic carton cutting machine with vibrating tangential knife

CNC carton cutting machines are used in cutting, creasing, dotted lines, marking, drawing and other processes in the packaging industry, replacing traditional manual development, design and proofing of cartons, display racks, etc., shortening research and development time, high proofing speed and high quality. The CNC box cutting machine can complete die-cutting, creasing, and forming of flexible materials such as paper and plastic without the need for dies or die-cutting machines, saving a lot of manpower and mold costs.

corrugated board

Materials can be cut using a CNC vibrating tangential knife cutting machine

Textiles, fabrics, leather, fiberglass, rubber, stickers, films, foam boards, corrugated cardboard, cardboard, plastic boxes, clothes, gasket materials, shoe materials, clothing materials, luggage materials, mats, sponges, carpets, PU, PP , PE, PTFE, ETFE, EVA, XPE, PVC and composite materials.

Service and Support for Automatic Cardboard Box Cutter with Vibrating Tangential Knife

1) Three-year free warranty (except wearing parts), free inspection and maintenance of major components.
2) Provide lifetime free technology upgrade service
3) Wearable parts (e.g. blades, bench covers) are always available at cost when needed.
4) Free operation training in our factory. If there is not enough time, we will send a detailed training video.
5) 24-hour online service, providing free technical support in different languages.
6) On-site technical support can be provided when needed.
7) AOL accepts unreasonable returns within 7 days after receiving the goods.

AOL intelligent blade cutting machine has high precision and high efficiency. Our professional after-sales service can provide automatic cutting solutions for various industries.

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