Gasket Industry cutter

CNC Cutting Machine for Gasket Industry

AOL’s CNC Cutter is perfect for manufacturing and converting gaskets materials, as it offers them proper cutting and milling solutions. Production of items from single pieces to small batch production, with always the same precision, without the detour via the expensive die mould, immediately, without lost time due to preparation of the die mould.

AOL has developed seal industry cutting system to cut single-ply and few-ply material independently, it adopts  advanced control system, which is with high cutting speed, high-precision, strong stability. 

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AOL Digital Cutting Machine For Gasket Industry

CNC Gasket Cutting Machine

Complete Set of Cutting Tools

Universal Routing Tool

Pneumatic Knife Tool


Efficiency Comparison

 Type of gasket       Thickness     AOL digital cutter efficiency     Manual cutting efficiency     Instead of manual quantity


    Graphite gasket


     1.5mm      300mm/s     50-100mm/s     2 people
     2mm      300mm/s     50-100mm/s     2-3 people
     5mm      100mm/s     10mm/s     4 people
    Ordinary gasket
     3mm      300mm/s     50-100mm/s     2-3 people
     5mm      200mm/s     50mm/s     2-3 people
    Rubber gasket
     3mm      200mm/s     50mm/s     3 people
     5mm      100mm/s     10mm/s     3 people
     10mm      50mm/s     ≤10mm/s     4 people
    PTFE gasket
     3mm      150mm/s     10-50mm/s     3-4 people
     5mm      100mm/s     10mm/s     3-4 people
    The above data is for reference only, the actual operation, affected by the thickness, hardness, flexibility, etc. of the material, the data will be biased.

Solve Industry problem

1.Standard cutting, error within 0.1mm

2.Neat edges, high precision

3.More than 2 times faster than manual cutting in cutting efficiency

4.No need to open grinding tools for small batch orders

5.Neat and beautiful upper and lower parts, no need for grinding tools


1) High cutting precision, material saving

2) Special-shaped cutting with high precision

3) Consistent cutting size, without error

4) Standard cutting, precision within 0.1mm

5) 3-5 times higher efficiency than manual work

Cutting workflow diagram

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