Composite Material industry cutter

CNC Cutter for Composite Material

Accuracy in dimensions and processing are extremely important to improve quality and finishing for both small and large leather goods. Close to its production capacity and reliability, such an accuracy has made AOL become the most important partner of  leather goods manufacturers. 

AOL digital leather cutting machines eliminate the need for expensive dies and reduce the need for manpower, all while processing leather, sole, lining, and pattern materials efficiently and at the highest levels of quality. Superior cutting performance, low operating costs, and optimized workflow guarantee a quick return on investment.

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AOL Digital Cutting Machine For Gasket Industry

Complete Set of Cutting Tools

Universal Routing Tool

High precision oscillation knife

High precision oscillation knife

Drag Knife Ttool

Pneumatic Knife Tool

Solve Industry problem

1.Personalized customization, higher efficiency

2.Reduce waste and improve cutting accuracy

3.Replace labor and no worry about recruitment

4.Protect the personal safety of operators

5.Improve material utilization


1) AOL Software System: Save labor cost, solve the error of manual cutting increase yied. Solve the difficult of shape cutting, improve efficiency and solve the problem of difficult recruitment.

2) Easy editing function: The AOL software system integrates the layer functions of commonly used in the advertising industry, the original graphiC file can be modified and edited easily.

3) Convenient operation: The AOL software system is powerful and easy to operate, which is one of the important features of aol , Just have a video tutorial or manual you can  quickly master the operation of AOL.

Cutting workflow diagram

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