Automotive interior industry CNC cutting machine

The automotive industry moves quickly, and every detail is important, the interiors functionality, the technological perfection of mechanical components, all is studied to achieve high performance and cheapness. 

AOL can offer cutting solutions for leather or textile interiors, for mechanical parts made of composites or foams. Its innovative software and hardware solutions give you complete control over your OEM or Tiered Supplier operation – with the flexibility to adapt to changes quickly.

Complete Set of Cutting Tools

High Power Oscillating Knife Tool

Punching Tool

Driven Rotary Tool

Marking Pen

Solve Industry problem

1.Replace labor and no worry about recruitment

2.Neat edges, high precision

3.Protect the personal safety of operators

4.Personalized customization, higher efficiency

5.Improved industry productivity


  1) Save 20% materials with nesting software

  2) Replacing labor and improving efficiency

  3) Save materials and improve utilization

  4) Meet the needs of small batch customization customers

  5) 1-3 times more efficient than traditional tools

  6) More than 2 times faster than manual cutting in cutting

Cutting workflow diagram

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