Advertising & Packaging industry cutting machine

CNC Cutting Machine for Advertising & Packaging

CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine & Automatic Corrugated Box Making Machine to easily make advertising Banner, POS displays, cardboard boxes, custom packaging box, without using dies!

These digital flatbed cutting plotter machines for sale have a complete set of cutting tools for the materials(Paper, Vinyl, KT Board, Corrugated board, Foam, PVC, Acrylic, etc.) in the Signage & Graphics industry, with through-cutting,half-cutting, V-cutting, engraving, creasing and marking, etc. These large format AOL digital cutters has a high-precision CCD positioning function, which makes material cutting faster, more stable and more accurate, maximally lowering cutting cost, enhancing cutting efficiency and helping customers maintain high level in competition.

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Complete Set of Cutting Tools

Kiss CUT Knife Tool

Pneumatic Knife Tool

Drag Knife Tool

V-Cut Tool

Solve Industry problem

1.Replace labor and no worry about recruitment

2.No need to open grinding tools, achieve personalized customization

3.Improved industry production standards

4.Protect the personal safety of operators

5.Liberated the labor force


1) 3-5 times higher efficiency than manual work

2) Replacing labor and improving efficiency

3) Simple to operate, electricity saving, labor saving by more than 10% compared with the previous year

4) Standard Cutting to reduce error

5) Thick material, high cutting efficiency

6) No need to open grinding tools, reduce costs

Cutting workflow diagram