AOL PDLC film cutting machine

Features of PDLC film material

1. Privacy protection
The biggest function of smart dimming film is the privacy protection function, which can control the transparent and opaque state of the glass at any time.
2. Projection function
Smart dimming film not only can dimming, it is also an excellent projection screen with outstanding projection effect.
3. Energy saving and environmental protection
The smart dimming film is attached to the glass, which has a sound damping effect and can effectively block all kinds of noise.
5. Security
has all the advantages of safety glass, including the safety of preventing glass splashing after breaking, good anti-shock strength, sound insulation, heat insulation, and UV protection.
AOL CNC cutting machine can solve the problems encountered in cutting PDLC film materials, such as the cutting edge easy to enter the air, the cutting edge is rough and so on. AOL PDLC film materials are available

Advantages of AOL CNC Cutting Machine

1. The stable platform structure provides stable cutting with neat cutting edges
2. The AOL system has an intelligent optimization typesetting program, which saves more than 30% of material costs
3. The PDLC film material cutting machine uses tungsten steel blades for cutting, and special hard materials other than PDLC materials can also be cut.
4. Japan’s Panasonic servo motor system provides strong power and improves cutting efficiency by five times.
5. Taiwan’s linear guide drive system guarantees accuracy within ±0.1mm.
6. Double safety guarantees the safety of operators
7.This model has won 6 patented technology certifications at home and abroad
AOL PDLC film cutting machine

AOL CNC and its related equipment and software have developed solutions for the traditional textile market (fashion, furniture) and are now focusing on the growing industrial textile and composite materials market. According to user requirements, there are a variety of cutting materials for selection and reference. Click the message below and wait for professional reply.

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