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We at AOL CNC Cutting Equipment Co., Ltd. are very proud of our extensive experience and expertise in CNC knife cutting machines. We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs, delivering our machines on time and providing professional installation services. Our commitment doesn’t stop there, we provide comprehensive after-sales service and are ready to help you solve any problems that may arise. We understand that every industry has unique requirements, so we provide personalized demonstrations to show how our products meet the needs of each industry.

digital automatic cutting machine

Our digital knife cutting machine

We sell various types of automatic cutting machines with high-quality features that will bring new levels of efficiency to your business.

Single layer cutting machine

If you require precision and accuracy in your cutting tasks, our single layer cutting machines are the perfect solution.

The AOL-1625 is our conventional cutting machine that offers customization options to suit any industry, delivering high-quality cuts on all types of materials. This model has a maximum speed of 120 meters per minute and is equipped with a wide range of tools suitable for use in composites, interior decoration, textiles, fashion and other industries. Ideal for beginners and those with limited space.

Multi-layer knife cutting machine

To meet the diverse needs of cutting, we launch multi-layer cutting equipment designed to meet your mass production needs. Multi-layer cutting equipment features the highest standards of cutting technology, ensuring unparalleled performance in the industry. Maximum cutting height of 25 mm and repeatability of 0.1 mm provide precise and consistent cuts. On the other hand, our equipment also has a maximum cutting height of 100 mm and can accommodate a wide range of materials.

These multi-layer cutting machines are ideal for the apparel, upholstery and automotive industries where high-volume production is crucial. With its advanced features and unparalleled precision, multi-layer cutting machines are the trusted solution to help you achieve superior results in your manufacturing process.

Advantages of automatic cutting machines


One of the advantages of CNC knife cutting machines is their high precision and accuracy. As far as automatic cutting technology goes, it is one of the most precise on the market. All of our cutting machines have a repeatability accuracy of 0.1 mm, which means they can consistently reproduce the same movement over this range. This is ideal for the aerospace and automotive industries where tight tolerances are required.


Many of our digital cutting machines feature high cutting speeds and high positioning speeds for maximum productivity in industrial production lines. Our single layer cutters have a maximum speed of 120m/min and our multi-layer cutters have a maximum speed of 90m/min, depending on the material and geometry.


Digital cutting tables offer several safety advantages over traditional manual machining methods. With their computer-controlled automation, they reduce the need for direct human contact with the cutting tools. This minimizes the risk of injury from potential errors or accidents during processing. Additionally, our machines are equipped with safety features such as protective covers, emergency stop buttons, and safety interlocks to minimize hazards during use.


Investing in a digital cutting system also has long-term cost benefits. By automating this aspect of your manufacturing process, you can optimize production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and minimize waste. Our automatic cutting machines have high precision and accuracy, which means there are fewer opportunities for errors, and their automated computer systems require minimal supervision.

Explore our cutting machine software

At AOL Cutting Equipment, we are sure to provide you with comprehensive cutting machine software. Our digital cutting machines are not only made of high-quality materials, but also installed with the latest technological systems to provide a comprehensive solution to your cutting needs.

Computer Aided Design

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design System, and simply put, it gives the machine the cutting instructions you need. Our CAD design software is compatible with 2D and 3D designs and has many cutting-edge features for maximum convenience. Our smart floor planning software can handle even the most complex designs and mark them up almost instantly.

With reduced labor and material waste, our CAD systems not only save money, but also time. Want to learn more about our advanced software systems? Contact us today. 


Our automated nesting software ensures consistent quality while optimizing overall efficiency. Optimize your current overall material usage to reduce waste and unnecessary costs with our advanced layout software and data reporting.

Whether you need to cut for small-scale production or meet high-volume requirements, we can simplify the process. Speak to a member of our friendly team today to discuss your options.

AOL Oscillating knife cutting machine

Interested in our digital cutting machines?

If you’re interested in the benefits of automated cutting systems, or you’re not sure whether they’re worth the investment, why not contact a member of our team today? We’ll be happy to answer any questions or discuss your options with you.

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