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Small paper cutting machine with blade cutting
It can complete high-quality samples and small batches of customized cutting small paper cutters, adapt to multi-format files, one-click import to start cutting, making cutting easier, intelligent automatic cutting reduces manpower input, reduces business costs, and increases The economic feedback of the enterprise.

Feature of Small paper cutting machine

1. Instead of traditional crafts, improve cutting efficiency.
2. Small paper cutting machine system controls the cutting process to ensure uniform cutting quality.
3. Set cutting parameters to start cutting, no need to make templates.

4. The quality of small batch customization and sample cutting is more guaranteed.

Advantage of Small paper cutting machine

1. Multi-format file compatibility, PLT, DXF and other format files are simply imported for cutting.
2. With the industrial vision system of the CNC system, irregular graphics can also be easily cut.
3. The small paper cutting machine adopts high-thickness alloy materials and undergoes high temperature treatment to ensure high precision, no deformation and long service life
4 Anti-collision and built-in automatic induction device ensure the safety of Small paper cutting machine.


Specification of Small paper cutting machine

Model AOL-0604PAS
Working area 600*400mm
Multi-function head

The combination of Multi-function cutting head and holders, be with full cut, kisscut, creasing wheel,v-c ut and laser red

light positioning functions, CCD positioning, Camera extract large contour to cut

Tools Universal Drawing Tool, Creasing Wheel Tool
Overall size 2420*970*1280mm  L'W'H
Moving speed 800-1500mm/s
Repeat precIsion ±0.05mm
Interface Enternet port
Control panel LCD touch screen
Drive system Imported servo motor, linear guid, synchronous belt, screw
Cutting material

Carton, cardboard, paper, labels, adhesive stickers, packaging, thin plastic sheet and so on

Instruction system HP- GL Compatible format
Rated power 2. 2KW
Rated voltage 220V
Cutting thickness ≤50mm(According to different material)
Material fixed way Vacuum adsorption
Auto feeding system

Acuum sucker adsorpting sheet


About AOL

AOL service

1) Three-year free warranty (except for wearing parts), and free main parts
2) Provide lifetime free technology upgrade service
3) Wearable parts (such as blades, workbench covers) are always available at cost when needed.
4) Free operation training is conducted in our factory. If there is not enough time, we will send detailed training videos.
5) 24-hour online service, providing free technical support in different languages.
6) On-site technical support can be provided when needed.
7) Provide professional industry material solutions

patent certificate of AOL cnc


Material: flexible material
Speed: 1000mm/s
AOL CNC cutting machine is suitable for product customization or sample cutting. It can automatically and accurately perform cutting and other processing. CNC cutting machine supports different types of cutting, (such as through cutting, kiss cutting. V-groove, compliance, milling, etc. ), it can be widely used in textiles, car interiors, leather, advertising packaging, carpets, composite materials, etc. AOL intelligent blade cutting machine has high precision and high efficiency. Our professional after-sales can provide automatic cutting solutions for various industries.
For more information, please consult:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +86-531-88620680
WhatsApp/WeChat: 0086-18615278404

Packing details of Small paper cutting machine

1. Full film packaging machine (to prevent moisture)
2. Anti-collision edging
3. Wooden box packaging (standard specifications)

4. A warning sign is posted on the packaging box

packaging of AOL cnc cutting machine

shipping of Small paper cutting machine

According to the different delivery ports and destinations, the prices are also different. If you want to know the specific quotation, please leave a message and wait for the reply.

If you want to know more details of the machine, please leave a message to us, and professionals will answer for you

AOL's main products include intelligent blade cutting machine, 3D crystal inner engraving machine, laser marking machine and laser fiber cutting machine. Welcome to consult!
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