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  • Mini laser cutting machine AOL6040

    Processing effect is fine, smooth cutting edge, no burn, no polishing, clean, small noise, no deformation, high speed, high efficiency and high precision.

  • Laser cutting machine for phone screen protector

    1.Fast curvilinear cutting function:It can cut via any curve fast and consecutively.The laser heads moving in beautiful arc just evoke your imagination of top grade racing car.
    2.Software support to CAD,CORELDRAW,PHOTOSHOP,TAJIMA etc,and well-installed user interface to meet all requirements of production sites.
    3.Multi-document features:can memorize more than 128 designs,so the customers can easily complete the production of 128 different designs without connection to the computer.

  • High speed laser engraving machine AOL1612/AOL1812

    1. with high speed outside orbit.
    2. USB interface.
    3. easy to operate.
    4. removable working table.

  • Small Laser Engraving Machine

    Small Laser Engraving Machine are the most popular model, it is middle machine, it nearly can meet all demands of customers.

  • Large size laser engraving machine AOL1325

    AOL1325 laser engraving machine is with large size, it is with high engraving speed, it is the most popular model, it can meet all demands for enrgaving and cutting.

  • Mini cnc router AOL3030/AOL6060/AOL6090

    Aol3030 cnc router with 300mmx300mm working area ,800wor 1500w water cooling spindle,it''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s professional for pcb working and jade engrave and so on

  • Advertising CNC Router AOL1212/AOL1218/AOL1224

    This machine is widely used in advertising industry, such as sign making ,department nameplate ,chest badge ,architectural model, ABS plate , acrylic cutting, jade ,glass and marble engraving.

  • Wood CNC Router AOL1325/AOL1530

    woodworking machine is a kind of woodworking CNC Router which is widelyused in process for single lines, milling, 3D cutting and engraving. AOL manufactures and sells a diverse line of woodworking CNC Router. It can provide an affordable CNC Router to fit what your need!multifunction woodworking machine is mainly used in the engraving of the hard materials such
    as marble, granite, glass, metal,wood, etc.


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