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  • Oscillatory/vibratory knife cutting machine

    Using cnc knife cutting technology, our digital cutter machine has no burning and totally environmently. It''s equipped with plotting pen, oscillating cutting tool, creasing tool, and drag knife tool to meet customers''different requirements. The heavy duty drag knife tool is available for special materials of the sign making industry.

  • 3D Crystal and glass Laser Inner Engraving Mahcine

    AOL 2D/3D laser inner engraving machine adopts industrial design, which can engrave one big
    block of crystal or several small blocks at the same time. Its products can give person
    crystal-clear and fine noble visual image, that''s elaboration for your home decoration

  • Auto Feeding Fabric Leather Laser Cutting Machine

    By adopting steel automatic carriage platform, the space is greatly saved. The auto blowing system can make the fabric closely appressed to the roller, which increases the work efficiency and lowers the production cost.

  • Garment Textile Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine

    It adopts imported fast rails and belt transmission with lower noise. auto feeding working table achieve efficient work, at the same time cost saving.

  • Automatic Feeder Laser Cutting Machine For Rolling Materials

    suit for clothing cutting ,fabric cutting ,leather cutting etc.
    1 Edge smoke outlet can protect the nets- worktable ,extend the usage life of the machine
    2 brush roll -can clean the worktable timely,without catching fire phenomenon
    3 voltage separation-the high voltage is separate form the low voltage ,which is more secure and Much neater .

  • Metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine AOL1390

    AOL 1390 metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine with high configuration can cut stainless steel and acrylic nonmetal well .

  • Large Format Metal/Non Metal Mixed Laser Cutting Machine

    AOL 1325 and AOL1530 metal and unmetal cutting machine with high configuration can cut stailess steel /carbon steel /acrylic /MDF, and with oxygen assistant laser cutting good effect .

  • Fiber laser cutting machine

    AOL1325/AOL1530 fiber laser cutting machine with 400W-1000W laser power, AOL fiber laser cutting machine with favorable cutting machine price is equipped with fiber laser which is energy-efficient, environment-friendly as well as highly efficient.


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