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Automotive Interior Cutter
Car Seat Covers Cutting Machine
The AOL-cutter is a high-speed, conveyorized cutting system designed to cut materials, such as foam-backed vinyls and carpeting, for automotive and other transportation interiors.
High Quality Car Seat Cover Machine
Features of high quality car seat cover machineThehigh quality car seat cover machineis composed of our parts:main motor,hot stamping,auto feeder and electric equip.The motor’s main transmission is by bend shaft structure driving the platen running up and down,plus the pressure adjusting structure...
Car Mat Cushion Cutting Machine
1.Imported linear guide and servo motor. 2.AOL vibration knife realize perfect cutting. 3.It can provide a prefect set of proofing way. 4.It can cut foot pad very quickly. Increase efficiency of producing leather, sponge, fabric, etc.
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