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Advertising Printing Cutter
AOL digital foam board cutting machine and software combine, mainly focuses on post-processing in advertising industry, and provides an intelligent cutting planto form the perfect advertising production systems. The series of digital cutting machine for advertising industry are digital paper foam board cutting machine, sample carton box cutting machine, cnc paper cutting machine, plastic letters cutting machine, electric logan foam board cutter, cnc foam board cutter michaels. The foam board cutting machine can be installed with different knives according to the material selection. In the advertising industry, the materials that can be cut include stickers, cardboard, coated paper, KT board, foam board, acrylic board, thin plastic, textile cloth, flags, etc. Digital foam board cutting machine and carton box cutting machine for sale at the best price, welcome Inquiry.
AOL-1070PAS Cardboard Auto feeding Flatbed Cutter
AOL-1070PAS Cardboard Auto feeding Flatbed Cutter provides perfect solutions for printing. Integration of intelligent cutting/ indentation/drawing –meet your whole trip of creative processing: cutting labels at all shapes, cutting and indentation of carton in all shapes, cutting labels at all shapes. Cutting corrugated cardboard below 0.8mm
Small paper cutting machine with blade cutting
It can complete high-quality samples and small batches of customized cutting small paper cutters, adapt to multi-format files, one-click import to start cutting, making cutting easier, intelligent automatic cutting reduces manpower input, reduces business costs, and increases The economic feedback of the enterprise.
Automatic Vinyl Sticker EPE Foam Sheet Cutting Machine
Automatic vinyl sticker epe foam sheet cutting machine is a multifunctional machine, which can cut a variety of materials commonly used in the steel industry, like paper, sticker, foam, Vinyl,KT board, etc. And the vinyl sticker epe foam sheet cutting machine can be automatically fed and loaded automatically. CCD camera is installed, no mold and cutting path are required, and automatic edge finding and cutting can be realized.
Digital Advertising Board Vinyl Sticker Cutting Machine
Aol digital advertising board cutting machine also named vinyl sticker cutting machine, is small in size, light in weight and easy to move. It can be operated by one person. It is important to be equipped with safety protection.
Automatic kt board cutting machine|PVC board cutter with camera
AOL large format automatic kt board cutting machine with camera can cut and rout virtually any advertising material,like KT board, PVC board, foam board. Automatic PVC board cutter has a high-precision CCD camer apositioning function, which makes material cutting faster, more stable and more accurate, maximally lowering cutting cost, enhancing cutting efficiency and helping customers maintain high level in competition.
Sticker cutting machine plotter with blade
The combination of advanced CAD production system and fully compatible control system can realize fast and accurate cutting of advertising materials. complete high-precision cutting at high-speed cutting speed, and increase cutting efficiency by more than 10%. Realize the return on investment quickly.
Digital Paper Foam Board Cutting Machine
AOL CNC Foam board paper cutting machine, mainly focuses on post-processing in advertising industry, and provides an intelligent cutting planto form the perfect advertising production systems. Digital cutting machine can cut these materials:Paper, foam board, cardboard, plastic letters, corrugated box, etc.
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