Small Mini Laser Engraving Machine
1)Laser axe DIY min laser engraver. 2)Equipped with 405nm 500mW blue laser moule with heatsink,can work continuously 1-2 hours. 3)Two pieces 42mm stepper motor power drive, fast moving speed and quiet, can use it in home or office no worry about noise producing.
CCD Camera Laser Cutting Machine
1.Best motion structure and components ,equipped with zinc-iron alloy honey-comb working table, durable,easy to clean and stable,;Focus lens and reflect molybdenum mirrors guarantee the powerful cutting strength, keeping the same powerof force on each working spot,and greatly reduce the operation cost of the machine. 2.Laser fabric spreading machine laser cutting machine with high CCD.
Textile Fabric Automatic Feeding Laser Cutter
Auto-Feeding Double Heads Laser Cutting Machine adopt the auto-feeding system working table, used to cut soft materials in rolls automatically. This laser cutting machines equipped with double cutting heads and auto feeding system, especially suitable to the mass laser cutting and engraving of appliqué embroidery, textile, fabric etc.
Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine
1. Conveyor working table with auto-feeding device realizes continuous processing and automatic production, saving time and labor cost. Auto-nesting software can raise the utilization rate of the fabrics to the maximum, saving cost. 2. Users can build a database in the connected computer, which realize instant data calling up and corresponding cutting.
Car Mat Cushion Cutting Machine
1.Imported linear guide and servo motor. 2.AOL vibration knife realize perfect cutting. 3.It can provide a prefect set of proofing way. 4.It can cut foot pad very quickly. Increase efficiency of producing leather, sponge, fabric, etc.