Digital Cutting Machine also calld CNC Knife cutter, also named automatic cutting machine, is the main product of AOL. AOL CNC is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of digital cutting machine. The main products have CNC oscillating knife cutting machine, flatbed plotter cutter, cnc knife cutting table, cnc blade cutter, automatic cutting machine. Digital Cutting Machine for sale widely used in clothing, luggage, automotive interiors, fabric sofas, shoes, textiles, advertising, packaging, metal and other industries. For different industries, there are different series digital cutting products. Like: CNC leather cutting machine, leather cutting machine, carton box cutting machine, digital fabric cutting machine, composite material cutting machine, gasket cutting machine, laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, etc. Specific digital cutting machine configuration and price list, welcome to inquire.
Sticker cutting machine plotter with blade
The combination of advanced CAD production system and fully compatible control system can realize fast and accurate cutting of advertising materials. complete high-precision cutting at high-speed cutting speed, and increase cutting efficiency by more than 10%. Realize the return on investment quickly.
AOL custom automatic corrugated box making cutting machine
AOL automatic custom corrugated box making cutting machine are designed to create custom on demand boxes, It can cut boxes of different materials such as corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, gray board paper, cardboard, etc., and can also cut foam, pearl cotton and other fillers. And one machine is multi-purpose, integrating cutting, creasing and scribing.
AOL Automatic Car Seat Cover Mat Cutting Machine
Aol car seat cover mat cutting machine is a new type of cutting equipment developed by Aolai. It is used for cut the materials of automotive interior industry. This machine also named car floor mat cutting equipment,car seat cover knife cutting machine, can cut most materials of car interiors, such as leather, artificial leather, printed carpet, printed foot mat, printed sofa, linen, etc.
Digital Corrugated Cutting Machine|Corrugated Box Machine AOL
AOL Digital Corrugated Cutting Machine Integration of intelligent cutting/ indentation/drawing –meet your whole trip of creative processing: cutting Corrugated at all thickness, cutting and indentation of carton box in all shapes. Digital Corrugated Cutting Machine have innovative designs and high quality. We ensure timely delivery. Return of goods without reasons within 7 days after receiving machine. AOL Corrugated Box cutting Machine is your best choice for packaging.
Automatic Paper Board Cutting Machine|Paper Board Die Cutter
Fast and precise, AOL Automatic Paper Board Cutting Machine also named Paper Board Die Cutter. This machine can cut different sizes of paper from A1 to A4. The type of automatic paper cutter cutting is very wide, like Repro paper、Couche or coated paper、Tissue paper 、Newsprint、Cardboard、Paperboard、Fine art paper。 You can also improve third-generation paper cutters to cut these materials: corrugated cardboard within, Honeycomb panel within, labels, paper, carton, sticker, etc. AOL Paper Board Die Cutter integrates cutting tools, creasing wheel tools, drawing pens, and a CCD camera visual positioning system. According to your artwork path, it can realize the cutting of arbitrary shape paper board and the cutting and pressing of arbitrary shape cardboard boxes. Used this paper cutter, mark, cutting, creasing, draw a line, One-time molding, no need to switch tool,s, which saves research and developing time of sample-making.
Automatic Gasket Cutting Machine With Oscillating Knife
AOL has been a reliable partner for manufacturing and converting gaskets materials, as automatic gasket cutting machine offers them proper cutting and milling solutions. Production of items from single pieces to small batch production, with always the same precision, without lost time due to preparation of the die mold. Aol automatic gasket cutting machine reasonable and advanced mechanical structure design, with CAM special software developed for the sealing industry. Encourage the cutting machine of Aol sealing industry to complete the special-shaped processing of seals with high precision, high speed, and more stability. Aol gasket cutting machine is mainly for automatic and intelligent cutting of flexible sealing materials. The cutting materials include non-asbestos sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, graphite composite sheet, rubber, PTFE, vinly, etc.
CNC Leather Cutting Machine
CNC leather cutting machine can do zero distance cutting. Save 10% raw materials with nesting software. Computer controlled automatic leather cutting machine, can reduce a lot of cutting workers, which can realize mass production.The high cutting precision can improve the cutting efficiency, so sewing workers can sewing directly, no need to trim the cutting again. The application of AOL digital cutting machine in the leather industry is well received.
Digital Cardboard Cutting Machine
Fast and precise, AOL digital cardboard cutting machine also named corrugated box making machine, which can process all the packaging materials. You can use cnc cardboard cutting machine to cut this materials: corrugated cardboard, Honeycomb panel,labels, paper, carton, or tradeshow exhibits. Only the most creative digital knife cutter will get through to the customer. AOL digital cutting machine is your best choice for packaging.