Women's Clothes Cutting Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-13
Women's clothes cutting machine has a working surface and a knife that forms a moving circle during the fabric cutting process. During the work process the fabric is moved while the knife is in a fixed position and performs a continuous downward movement. The band knife is characterized by its length, width and thickness. The work surface of the machine is smooth and may be equipped with a special air blowing system to facilitate maneuverability of cut fabrics. The band knife machines can ensure the highest level of accuracy in manual cutting.

Cutting is one of the processes in the garment manufacturing. In bulk garment manufacturing, multiple fabric layers are cut at a time by means of cutting machines. Different types of cutting machines and equipment are available for cutting fabrics and machines are used as per requirement and production volume. Semi-automatic and automatic improves cutting room productivity and improves cutting accuracy.

Women's Clothes