What determines your purchase of CNC cutting machine?
PUBLISHED : 2020-11-19

The CNC cutting machine is an electromechanical integrated machine. The types of CNC cutting machines mainly include CNC plasma, flame cutting machine, CNC blade machine, CNC laser machine. They drive machine tool movement through digital programs. When the machine tool moves, it is equipped randomly. The belt cutting tool cuts the object.

AOL is an enterprise specializing in the design, development and manufacture of CNC cutting machines. Today, we will  share the issues that users will consider when buying a machine. If you are learning about the machine, we will provide you with some suggestions.
The CNC cutting machine is driven by DC or AC control, and the coordinated work between multiple axes is controlled by the CNC system to adjust the cutting depth and speed. When choosing a CNC cutting machine, you must have a detailed understanding of the characteristics of the CNC cutting machine. In order to find a cutting machine with more cost-effective and more comprehensive functional modules, we must also consider the actual situation and choose a cutting machine suitable for our own materials.


The control system is matched with the cutting machine. The most commonly used formats for material cutting path files are plx and dxf. When choosing a machine, you must choose a compatible and flexible system. In the future, you can easily import and use path files in different formats without format conversion.

CNC cutting machine


The stable structure of the fuselage has a great influence on the cutting accuracy. The fuselage material is welded and sprayed. The body is stable and the material is firm. The machine remains stable during the high-speed cutting process to ensure that the cutting accuracy is not affected.

CNC cutting machines are relatively expensive and have a long service life. The wear resistance of the CNC machine tool rail is several times that of the ordinary CNC cutting machine, which can keep the accuracy of the cutting machine for a relatively long time and can be used for many years. use. extend.

stable of CNC cutting machine

shipping fees

If you buy CNC cutting machines from other countries/regions, you must understand the delivery method and shipping costs. There are multiple delivery methods, such as FOB, CFR, etc. If you have a reliable shipping partner, please save time. If there is no reliable partner, you must find a reliable freight partner before finding the price to ensure that the purchased mac hine can arrive safely.
The above is just a small part of the issues that users consider. In fact, we buy products from the process of knowing nothing. If we know more, we may choose materials that are more suitable for our industry. Click to learn more about AOL CNC cutting machines.