Sponge cutting machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-05-11
Heavy duty machine body, thick steel tube welding structure, whole machine weight more than 2.0 tons, guarantee the high working accuracy.
The machine base processed by precise milling machine and stress relieved by heat treatment, ensure long-term use without deformation. 
Using CNC center to drill holes for installing gear racks and guiding rails, gurantee presicion.
Using the most advanced laser interformeter & Renishaw ballbar to measure accuracy;
Linear auto tool changing system, 8/10pcs tools station, changing tools within 2 seconds.
Core components are top brands in the world. Eg, Italy HSD Spindle and tool holder, Taiwan linear square rails, Japan servo motor, etc.
Fixed heavy duty spindle router with one or two interchangeable tools position for creasing wheel, drag knife, foam knife and V-knife, offers more versatility.
With a CCD positioning system, the machine can cut printed images.

Machine workbench size can be customized.

blade head