Slotting of Corrugated Boxes Digital Cutter
PUBLISHED : 2019-12-20
AOL slotting of corrugated boxes digital cutter in packaging industry replaces traditionally manual package designing and sample making with modern craftworks like cutting, creasing, which saves research and developing time. Sample-making is fast and of high quality, which improves carton manufacturer’s competitiveness in market. The machine is suitable for small quantity production for self using or fulfilling sample-making task that is of high profits and small quantity.

Why use digital die cutting?
1) It’s Precise
AOL slotting of corrugated boxes digital cutter is committed to making cutting-edge technology available to our clients because we know that first impressions count in the ever-changing graphics industry. Let us help you realize your creative visions economically, precisely, and beautifully.
Corrugated Boxes
2) It’s Cost Effective
Those looking for custom die cutting with no minimum quantity find digital die cutting to be the most cost effective. By taking a digital approach, our machine has the flexibility to adjust quickly for short run die cutting. 

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