Silk Leather Cutting Equipment
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-01
Which options do we offer you?
We can customize the technology exactly to the needs of your application through the modular design of our silk leather cutting equipment. You will receive from us a silk leather cutting equipment specially configured for your requirements and designed to meet your needs which will arise in later use.

AOL silk leather cutting equipment adopts a highly advanced, high-definition full-color leather contour detector that can scan precisely for irregular contours, defects and other information. This makes it highly suitable for automatically nesting. Equipped with the most optimized cutting program, it has a unique three-stage conveyor table which maximizes cutting performance, hence reducing the amount of labour work. AOL silk leather cutting equipment has a higher energy efficiency and cutting performance than traditional leather cutting equipment, with more than 120% increase in productivity.


Features of silk leather cutting equipment

1. Conveyor Table
Unlike traditional cutting systems, this unique and highly efficient 3-stage conveyor table embraces all-in-one functions which include leather test, leather pattern extraction, nesting, cutting, material pick-up. Entire pipeline can be optimised depending on the cutting requirements.
2. Fully automatic operation
The whole assembly line runs professionally automatically, easing the whole process of detecting to cutting without the need for additional labour that is common in manual cutting operations.

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silk leather cutting equipment