Rubber Sponge Board Cutting Equipment
PUBLISHED : 2019-07-29
Our rubber sponge board cutting equipment is equipped with varied knife tools,blades. With suitable configuration, it can meet different functions,such as cutting, drawing,  punching, plotting, routing,etc. It can be applied to every flexible or soft material with excellent cutting performance. It is high speed, high intelligent, high precise cutting , easy operation,etc. It can connect with other software well with data converting software. It help industry upgrade from traditional manual sampling to advanced high speed and precision production mode.

Functions of rubber sponge board cutting equipment
1. Cutting
2. Routing
3. kiss cutting knife
4.Dust collection
5.Safe guard system

6.Oscillating knife cutting samples (compared with laser cutting machine, oscillating cutting machine's cutting edge is smooth and clean. During cutting process,there is no smoke nor smelly. It is echo environment)

Rubber Sponge