Round knife cutting machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-05-16
Round Knife Cutting Machine is the most useful cutter knife instrument in apparel industry. Round knife is mainly used for small production. ... It is 200 mm in diameter and has a limitation for not cutting precise at the curve and thus is used for edge cutting as it gives a precise straight line cut。

Round knife machines are used to cut large and medium size components with a simple shape from low fabric spreads (1–12 fabric plies) or to cut single articles from 1 or 2 material plies. The machine is moved along the cut contours while the fabric spread remains in a fixed position. Round knife machines are the most effective for cutting slippery materials as the rotary movement of the knife ensures the continuous compression of the fabric plies. Round knife cutters are lighter (between 3 and 11 kg) than straight knife machines and are therefore easier to move.

Round Knife cutting video