PVC Foam Board Digital Cutting
PUBLISHED : 2019-09-15
AOL PVC foam board digital cutting has high precision, especially for cutting shapes like small circle. This Flatbed Cutter has an integrated cable layout and single head guard. AOL PVC foam board digital cutting can be used to cut all kinds of sheets like corrugated, paperboard, honeycomb board, plastics including KT Board, PVC expansion sheet, solid PVC Board, acrylic etc.

Features of  PVC foam board digital cutting:
1. High end 6-axis high speed motion control system.

2.Integrated software control of high performance.

3. Digital fine tuning for kiss-cut and thorough cut, dotted line and creasing.

4. High standard design for long time batch production.

5. New intelligent sub-area vacuum suction with high suction force.

6. Conveying flatbed design, with optical automatic board loading system, achieves automatic production of rolls and board materials, shortening tack time and improving efficiency.
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