PVC fabric cutter machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-04-15
Cutting Trading multi-function automatic cutting machine consists of a compact and solid machine whose modular system allows for a great variety of applications.
The cutting table is available in two versions: static or conveyor cutting table.
Our swatch and fabric cutting machines are built to last, and ergonomically designed for easy use over long periods. They are equipped with safety features for protecting the user from the blades and other potential hazards. They include mechanisms for self-sharpening and other maintenance needs. Our custom machines are all built to last and come  with a limited lifetime warranty.

Of course, AOL high-speed cutters (in the graphical industry also known as guillotine-type cutters or cutting machines) also cut leather, leather cardboard, plate filters, medical filters, carpet samples, felt, fleece, cork, bitumen, glass wool, fabrics, linen, woodenveneers or abrasives.